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Anonymous asked: Andre please don't delete your tumblr. I've been following you since you were MrNerd. You seriously inspire me through these photographs, poems, and journal entries you post. I strive to have an eye for photography as you do.

I decided I wasnt going to because I have too much saved in my tags…

but thank you, this means so much.

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  -  19 April
Mind of the present.

Fifteen year old girls acting like they are twenty

twenty year old girls acting like they are fifteen

The seniors complaining about how we act

but we act how they make it seem

Ol’ girl gave me so much attention

then she stopped like it was a dream

I shouldn’t be complaining

because she stayed on her knees

but honestly their aint no winning

because I’m lonely and she came back crying

sorry but every time I take a girl seriously

she just ends up being too busy

or some other excuse.. but anyways

enough of the bs, gatta look ahead

not about the win but the journey with every step

took it to the heart, learned a lot of lessons

with a lot of pain, too many tears were shed

I stopped looking for an escape, but found the love in what was set

I pray that God keeps me on my feet and I keep his word in my head

I know I’ve ran away and my life is a mess

But what is a journey if you don’t struggle and learn from the present.

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